20 August 2011

NEWS FLASH: HONG KONG State of Mind to be Reprinted 快訊:《香港情懷》再版

Dear Readers,
My new book,
was sold out within the
first seven months of release
and we are now reprinting.

A big THANK YOU to all my readers
and blog followers for their support!

The book is available in Hong Kong at:

Readers outside Hong Kong
can order it from:
Support a local writer
and purchase a copy today!


  1. Jason,

    Congratulations for reprint. It's a proof that the book: Hong Kong State of Mind is in big demand and a good seller.

    Personally, the book is worth the reading and highly recommended, especially to those who are new in Hong Kong. I hope other readers feel the same.

    I am lucky to have your signature on my copy.

    Cheers, Martie

  2. Will try to get the book in Germany.


  3. Thanks :-) You can order it from www.amazon.de!

  4. Thats good news!!!!


  5. Thats great. Well done.


  6. Thanks jason... You've really done great -- keep it up!!!


  7. Because this is a good book. Congrats!


  8. Yes, definitely it is.


  9. Thanks all for your kind words! Sincere thanks to my readers and blog followers, and of course my Dad for all the wonderful drawings in the book!!


  10. Hi Jason,

    I ordered your book from Belgium as I'll be flying to Hong Kong in a fortnight.

    Here is my personal thank you for this book I didn't even know I needed:


    Being a French native speaker and impertinent by nature, I must tell you there is a mistake p.115. We don't say "sujet du semaine" but "sujet de la semaine".

    Looking forward to reading you again, wish you all the best.



  11. Awesome! This is great news!

    I have recommended the book on my blog as well as directly to my tour guests who are interested in a good read of Hong Kong!

    Here's the blog link, if you would like to check it out.


    Keep it going, Jason!

  12. Thanks, Mary. I love the letter you wrote me and in fact I posted it on my Facebook as a note so that others can read it too.

    As for the typo, one of my French friends -- I work at a French bank, you see -- pointed that out to me several months ago. Rest assured that the error will be corrected in the reprinted version.



  13. Ski Yeo,

    Thank you for the book review. I posted it on my Facebook page as a note. Perhaps we can collaborate on a project in the future to promote Hong Kong!



  14. Great news! Best news!


  15. Big congrats as always!


  16. Jason,

    I am very happy that I came across your book in the airport on my way out. Since I was looking for something similar in the bookshops while in HK and the bookshops invariably and consistently underwhelmed me, so this was a pleasant parting surprise.

    This was my first trip to HK and in a sense I am glad that I didn't find your blog or book earlier. Contrary to my usual travelling style I visited HK without much pre trip research and followed my wife's broad plans loaded in favour of my young son (with strong opinion, like yours about them ;-) ).

    But it all worked out and it was a great feeling to observe and participate in a great city with a fresh pair of eyes and unclogged brain. Actually your book gives more flavours now that I have seen the scene. It's funny and intelligent without being academic, mid levels if you please. Will follow your blog and try to come back again, preferably not in August. Thanks again.


  17. Hi, PC, thank you for your note. I'm glad you picked up my book from the airport on your way back to India. And even more glad that you liked it!

    Do visit Hong Kong again -- it has a lot of things to offer (not just the touristic stuff, but real grit and character). And do check out my blog from time to time, I try to post something interesting there twice a month.


  18. Hey Jason, as a British born Chinese living in UK, I have always enjoyed reading your blogs about HK. I finally got your book now and it's amazing. Thank you for all your hard work.


  19. Dear Jason,

    I just managed to read your book and I must say I am glued to it. Your chapter on Bangkok is well written. It shows you must have done a lot of homework. As for the rest, I enjoy reading about your student, Flora, who gave such an inspiration on learning English. I also think you are a lot like your big sister, Margaret, who took classes just so she can teach hillary's public speech. I also found certain 'bitchiness' in your language which makes things funny and easy to read and follow. Your comparison about Kowloon as Brooklyn is hilarious. I must applaud you. This is great work! Can't wait to finish it!


  20. Dear Jason,

    I just read your book "hong kong state of mind", and found it is really interesting. though it was written in english, i felt it very local, and found some familiarities, in particular for me who usually appear in wan chai and central areas which were mentioned in the book. the chapter on "flip-flops" is funny. i am also a flip-flop lover. yes, it is very functional. keep on your writing. cheers, Gavin K.