31 August 2012

NEWS FLASH:《As I See It》Featured by Finland-based GBTIMES 快訊:本博客獲芬蘭媒體推介

Dear Readers,

I've got exciting news to share!
Several of my blog articles
have been picked up by
Finland-based media company GB TIMES.

These articles include:

Visit GB Times for more!!


GBTIMES is a full service international media company. Its media convergence platform targets audiences in China, Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. The platform consists of a global city broadcasting network covering major cities around the world, a global multi-lingual Internet information distribution platform, a new media distribution platform and a traditional print media platform.

GBTIMES was founded in 2007 as a joint venture between Global Broadcasting Media Consultation Co., Ltd. and FutuVision, a Finnish company specializes in media public relations, cross-cultural communication, audio and video program production, media technology innovation as well as Internet services.



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  1. Congratulations ! Jason.