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A Decade in Review - Special New Year's Eve Double Issue 十年大事回顧-新年雙刊

Today marks the end of the first decade in the new millennium. 
The past ten years have been a tale of two countries: America, the yester-century superpower on the precipice of decline, whose trade deficit has fueled the rapid ascent of a steadfast challenger, China. Together the odd couple grabbed headlines and dominated global issues, leaving Europe, Russia and Japan scrambling to stay relevant. 
As we stand on the cusp of a new beginning and, to borrow a line from American poet Emily Dickinson, “look back on time with kindly eyes,” I offer a short poem of my own to recapitulate the top ten events in this deciding decade. I am sure Ms. Dickinson would excuse my occasional iambic tetrameters.

The twin towers had just fallen      and the twin wars soon begotten The wounded eagle lost its crown      before a ray of hope was found.
Afar the waking dragon streamed      past woes and injured pride redeemed With birds, swine, quakes and tsunamis      how the Plagues of Egypt stymied.
Then foes of …