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Tokyo Impressions – A Year Later 一年後的東京

When it comes to men’s clothes, there isn’t much in Hong Kong to choose from besides European and American imports. In the era of “vanity sizing” that caters to those ever-expanding waist lines in the West, foreign labels have one by one sized me out over the years. So I turn to Japan, where the local demand is strong enough to support ready-to-wear clothing specially made for the petite Asian man. Where else can I pick up pants with a 29” waist off the rack? Shinjuku, Tokyo A few weeks ago I found myself back on the bustling streets of Shinjuku (新宿) and Shibuya (渋谷) to catch the tail end of the winter sale. I raided the usual hotspots, checking off my shopping list and day by day filling up an empty suitcase... _______________________ Read the rest of this essay in HONG KONG State of Mind , available at major bookstores in Hong Kong and at Blacksmith Books . HONG KONG State of Mind