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Dangerous Liaisons - Special Election Double Issue 危險關係 - 特首選舉雙刊

Two Sundays ago on 25 March, C.Y. Leung was crowned the third chief executive of Hong Kong. An election committee of 1,200 mostly pro-Beijing members picked Leung over his rival and the initial favorite, Henry Tang. For the first time since the Handover, there was more than one viable (read: acceptable to the Communist Party) candidate running for the city’s highest office. 
To Beijing’s chagrin, however, the two establishment candidates showed little restraint over their smear campaigns. The mudslinging turned an otherwise rubber stamp election into a spectator sport and drew a bigger crowd than the Rugby Sevens (which, incidentally, was held on the same weekend and was largely ignored). In an unprecedented about-face, Beijing dumped Tang in the eleventh hour and threw her support behind Leung. White smoke finally came out of the chimney and a new leader was born.

I resisted the temptation to write about the election – or selection – for as long as I could and it wasn’t for a lack o…