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Past Events: 2015 2015年活動

Media coverage and speaking engagements in 2015

Co-hosted Hong Kong episode of KBS's "Wook's Food Odyssey" travel/food television series Venue: Central, Admiralty, Pokfulam Dates: 26 - 27 December Air date: spring 2017
Guest speaker at 2015 Hong Kong's Top Story Awards Venue: Broadcasting House, Kowloon Tong Date: 17 December
Featured in Taipei Times Title: "Today's Hong Kong, tomorrow's Taiwan?" Publication date: 2 December 
Featured author at 2015 Singapore Writers Festival Panel 1: "Crime and misdemeanors: a reading," moderated by Philip Holden Panel 2: "Tweeting for change," moderated by Michelle Martin Panel 3: "Where have all the readers gone?" moderated by Kenny Chan Venue: Arts House (Old Parliament House), Singapore Date: 7 & 8 November
Featured author at Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2015 Panel 1: "10 years in Hong Kong," moderated by Nick Thorpe Panel 2: "Ghost Cave: Elsie Sze&qu…