27 June 2016

Brexit Lessons for Hong Kong 脫歐的教訓

It was an otherwise beautiful, balmy Friday in Hong Kong, if it weren’t for the cross-Channel divorce that put the world under a dark cloud of fright and disbelief.

Asia was the first to be hit by the Brexit shock wave. BBC News declared victory for the Leave vote at roughly 11:45am Hong Kong time – hours before London opened – and sent regional stock markets into a tailspin. The shares of HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank, both listed on the Hong Kong Exchange, plunged 6.5 and 9.5 per cent, respectively...

It ended in divorce


This article appeared in the 29 June 2016 print edition of the South China Morning Post. You can read the rest of it on SCMP.com.

As appeared in the printed edition of the SCMP

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  1. While I see similarities in ugly xenophobia the situation is not quite the same in my opinion. Britain has been an independant democratic state before the Brexit vote. Hong Kong people are asking for democratic freedoms that were promised to them in the Basic Law. So their plan exists already.