13 January 2009

The Tutelage of the Tutored 上了學的生一課

I have been teaching English in my spare time for several years now. I classified my students into two main groups. The first comprises mostly eleventh and twelfth graders who need help with their literature class. They tend to be children of well-to-do expatriates who have been plucked from faraway homes and placed in one of the handful of exclusive international schools in the city. As traumatic as their displacement has been, these young, porous minds quickly adapt as they bond with schoolmates who share similar experiences.

The other group of students I teach comprises everyday folks from a cross-section of society. They come in all ages, professions and aspirations, from a 19-year-old office clerk who wants to watch Hollywood movies without Chinese subtitles to a trio of hairdressers at a beauty salon seeking group lessons on how to communicate with foreign customers. These students are typically working adults who stopped learning and using English the day they stepped out of school. Few within this group have much extra cash to spare and I charge just enough to cover teaching materials.

Last weekend I took on a new student by referral…


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  1. How do you find the time to be a lawyer, teacher, model, and singer? Amazing! Wish I had a language teacher cute and sophiscated as you....

  2. I miss classes. It has been more than 6 years I quite the 'teaching' profession. I had so much fun...

  3. Thanks, Prash. I'm sure you can find time to teach if you cut down on all that fancy wining and dining!

  4. Dear Jason, I enjoy reading your entries and appreciate your perspective in HK. I look forward to reading more of your insight. Thanks!

  5. I really like this blog entry a lot. I was really touched to hear about your student. I have to admit, I got slightly teary eyed as I was reading it. Great entry - please keep blogging!

  6. Amazing... how do you manage your time? You should teach me about "time management". :)