25 February 2012

NEWS FLASH: New Blog《The Real Deal》Launched! 快訊: 新博客發放!

Dear Readers,

My brand new blog
《The Real Deal》
is now up and running!!

《The Real Deal》is a comprehensive review site that offers straight-to-the-point opinions on the dernier cri in the city's leisure scene: restaurants, movies, hotels and stores.

Each "bite-sized" review aims at giving you the lowdown on everything you need to know to seek out the city's best kept secrets or before you step into the next tourist trap. Combining wry humor with razor sharp observations, the blog serves to inform and entertain.

If you have a restaurant, movie, hotel or store you would like reviewed, send your request to info@jasonyng.com. And if you've already been to the places I reviewed, leave a comment and share your views with other readers, even if -- and especially when -- you disagree!!

The Real Deal


  1. Looking good Jason!


  2. I love your new blog!! Brilliant, humourous and informative!!^^


  3. Hurray !!!!! Finally out !!!


  4. Jason, the new blog looks really good. I shared it with my colleagues and they enjoyed it as well. My new colleague is English but came from Singapore and he really liked the tea place you reviewed (in Singapore). He has yet to try the HK IFC location.


  5. Thanks, all! Do check back often and share your thoughts by leaving a comment! :-)

  6. Hi Jason,
    I just wanted to drop by and say 'Hi'. I am born and raised in HK too, but my family migrated to Sydney in the 90s. I was stopping by in HK for a few days last week after my long trip to Europe. I happened to walk by a bookstore and saw your book by chance. It was the best purchase I have made recently, and I read it cover to cover on my long flight home!!

    The articles were inspirational and reflective, and I share some similar thoughts/observations as you. Perhaps is the Westernised-Eastern view on the HK lifestyle? I've been following your blog since I got back and trying to catch up on some old articles.

    I hope you publish a second book soon! :)


  7. Thanks for your support, Christina. Do keep reading and tell you friends!

  8. Christina,

    Another book by the title of "As We See It", which is a collection of short stories by different authors in HK, is already out. I think most bookshops are starting to stock it but I have no idea whether you can get this online yet. I've sent copies of "Hong Kong State of Mind" to my friends and cousins in Sydney too.

    Jason penned two very thought-provoking short stories in it, depicting a very real facet of life in HK. Grab a copy if you see it in Sydney. They should have it in Chinatown or 藝枫 (is it still standing). Check it out !