16 November 2008

An Aw-some Day 哦和她的一個早上

Back in my college days I went through an Amy Tan phase. I read everything the Chinese American writer had written, which was only three novels at the time but I enjoyed them just the same. So when a student approached me last week to help her with an assignment on The Kitchen God’s Wife, Tan’s most popular novel after The Joy Luck Club, I gladly took her on.

When I first met Lisa, she was everything I expected from an eleventh grader. She hated literature and hated talking about it even more...


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  1. Oh...so u r also a teacher now ?

    Can't agree more. Looking back, I'm most grateful that back then, Eng Lit was the compulsory subjects for the science stream students.

  2. Which school did you do go to? What books did you do in Eng Lit? Just curious.

  3. Awwww. Where are you teaching? I am inspired by you, Jason!