31 March 2009

Bangkok Story - Part 1 曼谷物語- 上卷

I hopped on to the purple-tailed Boeing 747 and let Thai Airways whisk me away to one of my favorite cities in Asia. Just a little over two hours from Hong Kong, Bangkok is a ready playground for vacationers of all ages. A passport and a change of clothing were all I needed for a three-day getaway. For everything else, there is the credit card.

March and April are the hottest months in Bangkok but that was little deterrence to this ardent visitor…

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  1. i agree with your Bangkok article..i love going to Bangkok or the country because the people there are so polite..even at their own little street stalls they use theirr hands together gesture to say thank you..wish HK people are more like that..everywhere u go they treat u like royalty..next time go and try Banyan Tree spa..best service and best spa in Thailand and anywhere.


  2. i really enjoyed reading your blog. You hv got a very distinctive insight into the hk culture, but i particularly love your article about bkk. I used to work in Thailand and since then, i dream abt this beautiful country and my lovely thai frds day & night. The way you look at Thailand and it's people is very close to mine.

    Being a housewife now, i rely on u to kill my time. Please keep up your good work! :)