21 December 2008

Hong Kong State of Mind - Part 2 香港情懷-下卷

It’s that day of the month and once again I took the subway to Wanchai for a quiet, solitary evening. After I finished my haircut and dinner, I walked through the wet markets near Johnston Road to the nearby bus stop to catch a ride home. It was 10 o’clock at night and there were still people everywhere. Some were closing up for the night while others were devouring a late supper. A young couple flagged down a taxi, rushing to get home to catch the last bit of the nightly soap opera on television.

The No. 15 bus arrived in a few minutes. I took my usual seat in the last row of the double-decker’s upper level, braving the air-conditioning at full blast. The bus was all but empty and I had the entire row to myself. As the roaring behemoth meandered up the hilly Stubbs Road, I took off my shoes, stretched my legs across three seats and drank in the spectacular city by night. The postcard-perfect view of Hong Kong always puts me in a reflective mood.

*                    *                      *

Hong Kong is a peculiar place. Seven million penny-smart, rough-around-the-edges denizens rub elbows with each other on a piece of land half the size of London...


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  1. Hi, I was bored at work and randomly stumbled onto your blog. It's very interesting to read. Keep it up!

    Oh. And Kung Hay Fat Choy! =)

  2. Many thanks, Sandee. Please keep reading and tell your friends to do the same! Kung Hey Fat Choy!!!