25 December 2008

Christmas in Hong Kong - Part 2 香港過聖誕-下卷

This is my fourth Christmas in Hong Kong since I left New York. These days Christmas is more commonly referred to as the “holiday season” to make non-Christians feel less excluded from the festivities, part of the “political correctness” movement that began in America in the 1990s and forever altered the way Americans conduct themselves and interact with each other. The name change is a harmless adjustment that has done little to dampen the holiday spirit. After all, it will not stop little children from taking pictures with Santa Claus at the mall or party-goers from guzzling champagne.

The absence of snow in Hong Kong, on the other hand, does put a damper on things. That perhaps explains why Hong Kongers felt the need to develop our own peculiar way of celebrating the occasion...


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  1. This is so true about Christmas in HK. Aww, I enjoyed reading this blog piece.