06 December 2008

Island Escapade 小島偷閒

I grabbed my carry-on luggage and headed out of the office at lunch time. An in-flight movie and two rounds of drinks later, I found myself at the island airport greeted by a smiley hotel chauffeur reminiscent of Tattoo from Fantasy Island — minus the white suit.
I had booked myself a private villa on a remote Thai island overlooking the South Pacific horizon. The spacious one-bedroom suite, complete with its own infinity edge pool, a teakwood patio deck and a verdant landscaped lawn, was to be the perfect setting for a weekend getaway.

At least that’s what I thought when I planned the trip several weeks ahead of departure...


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  1. Next time, I really want to join your holiday plans. These pictures are amazing...

  2. what's the name of the resort? cool shots!

  3. Email me on Facebook and I'll give you the details.